John M. Maris

Appy days.

When the going gets tough, the tough get … iPhone applications, evidently. That’s the game plan for mega-developer John Westrum, whose business took a McMansion-size hit when the market tanked. He’s used the extra time to dream up the app he plans to release before the year’s end. “Basically, Facebook for couples” is how Westrum describes it — a private portal where two lovebirds can chat, share photos, link calendars and divulge wish-lists. (If you break up, archive the app, or … delete.) The idea — possibly to be named My Supercrush — began as a website, Westrum says, but in a post-post-Web world, “more streamlined” iPhone apps are the future. Are they his future? “My first and foremost role is chairman of Westrum Development Company. I have an entrepreneurial spirit — but if real estate was humming along, I wouldn’t be doing this.”