Second Cupcake Truck Was Confiscated

Really. Not making this up. Plus: Carl Greene being a pig costs $900,000, an amazing toddler in Trenton, and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Second Cupcake Truck Was Confiscated. A day after L&I confiscated the truck run by Cupcake Lady Kate Carrara, a second cupcake truck operator says his truck was confiscated earlier this summer. Because God knows we’d never want to have anything cool in Philadelphia. [Inquirer]

Cost of Carl Greene’s Sexual Shenanigans: $900,000. That’s what the Inquirer says it will cost to settle four sexual harassment suits brought against Greene. [Inquirer]

Who Will Decide Greene’s Fate? His Friends. Great DN piece on how the board members of the PHA — with names like Street and Blackwell — are buddy-buddy with Carl Greene. Can they objectively decide his fate? Is Philadelphia politics a cesspool? The Scoop is just asking. [Daily News]

Boy Treads Water in Basement for Four Hours to Stay Alive. A toddler in Trenton stayed afloat in four feet of water in the basement while the house above it was gutted by fire. He tread water for two hours until a firefighter found and rescued him. [NBC Philadelphia]

Cephalon’s Frank Baldino Will Take Medical Leave. The CEO of the successful suburban pharma company will take a temporary medical leave. The company’s COO will fill in for him. [Business Journal]

Inky, DN Reporters Take 6% Pay Cut. The Newspaper Guild agreed with a 2% cut in pay and two weeks’ furlough. It was the first of the paper’s unions to strike a deal with the new owners. [Business Journal]

Happ Outduels Halladay as Astros Top Phils. Second time this week a former Phillie pitcher shut down the Fightin’s. Ouch. [Daily News]