DROP Madness at City Hall

Hundreds of city employees sign up while the getting's good. Plus: Neighbors fault brownout policy in deadly blaze, Joe Sestak has a thing for the president's wife, and more of what Philly's talking about this morning

Autistic Boy the First Fire Brownout Casualty? Neighbors are charging that the nearest station had closed an hour before the Saturday-night blaze, delaying response. Fire chief Lloyd Ayers says the first truck arrived on the scene in three minutes. [Daily News]

Hello, Mr. President. Is Michelle There? Given President Obama’s low approval ratings, Senate candidate Joe Sestak told reporters he’d rather have the First Lady at a campaign rally. [Inquirer]

It’s Getting Crowded at the DROP Trough. Hundreds of city employees dipped their noses in last week as a precaution; even if the mayor succeeds in ending the controversial (and massively expensive) retirement program, anyone already enrolled gets to stay in. Classic. [Inquirer]

It Was a Violent Weekend. Eight people, including two children, were shot in the span of two hours early Sunday. [Daily News]

Phils Beat Mets 6-5; Still Two Games Back. You can’t fault the team’s industry — they’ve won 14 of their last 17. [Daily News]

Camden Mayor Not a Book-Hater After All. After announcing last week that budget cuts would doom the beleaguered city’s three libraries, she’s got a plan to save them. [NBC 10]