Condi Rice Will Rock the Mann with Aretha Franklin

Plus: Tough times for a swanky Center City condo, a mysterious mayoral poll, and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Drug Taker Knew Where Jenna Lord’s Body Was. A man who admitted doing drugs with the young Delco woman finally directed searchers to an empty lot where he’d last seen her — two weeks ago. After the body was found he fled — only to be caught up to and struck by Lord’s boyfriend. [Daily News]

Troubled Times for 10 Rittenhouse. The swanky condo on the Square was taken over by a pension fund that had invested in the building. Only about three dozen of the building’s 135 units have been sold or settled on. [Inquirer]

Latrice Bryant for Council? The former aide to Wilson Goode, best known for questionable time sheets and a romantic link to the Councilman, is considering a run of her own for Council next year. Do council members have to keep time sheets? The Scoop is just asking. []

Hey, Who’s That Doing A Mayoral Poll? Someone — and it remains a mystery who — has been calling registered voters and asking about potential mayoral candidates Tony Williams, Jonathan Saidel, Bill Green and Sam Katz. So secretive! []

Is Joe Sestak a Big Enough Supporter of Israel? Conservative pundit Bill Kristol’s new pro-Israel group says no, and they’re spending a boatload of money on TV spots saying so. [Washington Post]

Meanwhile, Toomey Is in Front. A new poll just released has GOP Senate candidate Pat Toomey 7 points ahead of Sestak. [Politics PA]

The Strangest Gig of All Time. Next week at the Mann Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin will be accompanied by… former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, a longtime piano whiz. The Scoop finds this slightly disturbing (although he is enjoying the new version of Guitar Hero with Donald Rumsfeld). [WHYY]