We’re All Melting! Melllltinggggg …

It's the Wicked Wind of the West (Pacific) that's causing our heat wave. Plus: Sheriff Nutter wants his money, a busted Ponzi scheme that one local school hopes will keep on giving, and more of what Philly's talking about this morning

Hotter Than the Summer of ’99. We hit 102 yesterday, shattering the 1999 record by four degrees. Today? A balmy even 100. [Inquirer]

Phillies GM Amaro’s “Not as Good as Pat Gillick.” The slow-to-trade Phils boss says so himself as the injury-hobbled team loses to the Braves 6-3. [MLB]

Nutter’s Apparently More Than Just Talk and a Badge. Crowing about a tax amnesty program that netted the city $60 million, Mayor Nutter waved his police badge (?!?) around yesterday and vowed to collect even more of “our damn money” from Philly deadbeats. [CBS3]

Gaming Board Wants to Keep Pa. Treasurer Out of Meetings. Because Robert McCord is elected and takes donations from the gaming industry, board members say, his attendance at closed-door sessions could lead to “erosion of the public’s confidence in the board’s actions.” The Scoop offers these two words regarding “confidence” in the “board’s actions”: Foxwoods and SugarHouse. [Inquirer]

Malvern Prep Tries to Hang Onto Ponzi Money. The school, which built a $1 million gym at the urging of now-disgraced financier Joseph Forte, is resisting a call to return $900,000 — and wants $630,000 more. [Inquirer]