Robocall Links Jonathan Saidel to the KKK

Plus: The making of the ad that slaughtered Specter, rebuilding the Walt Whitman Bridge, and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Rebuilding the Walt Whitman Bridge. Get ready for years of traffic headaches as the Walt undergoes a four-year, $128 million makeover. Unless you just want to skip going to Jersey. [KYW1060]

The Making of the Ad That Slaughtered Specter. Campaign genius Neil Oxman explains how his team came up with “re-e-LECTED” ad. Best part: Ox insisted they use that creepy clip twice in the ad. [Daily News]

Decks Chairs on the Titanic Time at the School District? Ackerman may replace some top level staff, including the chief academic officer and chief of staff. New hires would be her third CAO and fourth chief of staff….in two years. [Inquirer]

Campaign Robocall Links Jonathan Saidel to the KKK. The caller, who said she was supporting another lieutenant governor candidate, said Saidel “hasn’t been a friend to our community” and asked whether “Saidel is running for controller or for grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.” Saidel is fewer than 5,000 votes behind in the race — a recount may be needed. []

Soda Tax: The Final Showdown. Council revists the bill, which stalled last week. Excellent Inky editioral here, explaining why this is Philly politics at its worst — with scare tactics from the beverage industry and a phony spin on the tax by the Nutter camp. [Inquirer]

Rendell: ‘Skins Will Make the Playoffs, Eagles Won’t. The guv says he’ll be rooting for McNabb in the post-season, and he also urges the Redskins the sign T.O. The Scoop wonders what Dr. Kirsten Snow thinks. [Politico]

Good Jobs News in Jersey. The unemployment remains below the national average, and the state had the largest monthly jobs gain in two years. [Business Journal]

Will You Be Getting the Ryan Howard Lawn Gnome? The Reading Phillies are giving them away this summer. The Scoop is a little scared of gnomes, and when you see this one you’ll understand why. [NBCPhiladelphia]