Cherry Hill’s Bernie Madoff

Plus: Specter-Sestak is all tied up, the Barnes trial starts today, and more of what Philly's talking about this morning

“A Scaled Down Version of Bernie Madoff.” David Katz was a pillar of the community in Cherry Hill before his death in January. Now authorities have discovered he was also a big-time scam artist and Ponzi schemer. Doh! [Inquirer]

Congresswoman Wants Public Hearings on Comcast/NBC Merger. Maxine Waters doesn’t sound happy. [RBR]

Nutrisystem Dumps Lawrence Taylor as Spokesman. He was arrested last week for allegedly raping a 16-year-old. [Business Journal]

Bunch: Just Say “No” to Elena Kagan. Even before she’s officially announced as Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Attytood blogger Will Bunch is a no vote. Says she’s not liberal enough. []

Barnes Trial Starts Today. No, not the art collection. The trial of William Barnes, whose shooting victim — a Philly cop — died 41 years after Barnes pulled the trigger. Read the whole saga in this Philly Mag piece from our January issue. [WHYY]

Specter-Sestak Is All Tied Up. So says a Muhlenberg College/Morning Call poll released on Friday. Same poll had Specter up 5 earlier in the week. [PoliticsPA]

Need a Free Worker? A program funded by the stimulus may be just the ticket. It’s expected to bring 5,000 jobs to Philly. [WHYY]

Charlie Skips the Game for His Daughter’s Wedding. Which makes us like Charlie Manuel even more. Even though the Phils got spanked on Saturday night. [phillyburbs]

DeSean Jackson Says He’s “Very Happy” with McNabb Trade. And McNabb fires back with something about how people love when you’re there but not when you leave. Or, whatever. [NBC10]