Philly-Area Home Sales Leap 10%

Plus: Warren Buffet says he thought about buying the Inky, a Philly chef wins a Beard award, and more of what Philly's chattering about this morning.

Warren Buffet Says He Considered Buying the Inquirer. But apparently passed because, um, the newspaper business sucks. “It blows your mind how fast” the newspaper industry is losing ground, he says. []

Does Pukemon Have a Little Brother? Just weeks after the infamous Phillies puker, another fan goes nuts and runs onto the field — only to get tasered by a cop (watch the video here). The Scoop hasn’t seen this many antics with the Phillies since Kite Man. [CBS News]

Philly Area Home Sales Spike 10%. Buyers loved the Federal tax credit and the low interest rates in the first quarter of 2010. Bucks, Montco and the city all saw double-digit increases. [Business Journal]

Another Poll Shows Sestak Gaining on Specter. Quinnipiac poll has Arlen plus 8; a month ago he was plus 21. Another poll the Scoop reported on yesterday had Specter’s lead at just 6 points. [Politics Daily]

Osteria Chef Nabs a James Beard Award. Jeff Michaud was named best chef, Mid-Atlantic, at last night’s Beard awards (the foodie Oscars). The other Philly nominess — Michael Solomonov in the same category; Stephen Starr for best restaurateur; Bibou for best new restaurant; Vetri (the restaurant) for best service — went home empty-handed. []

Rendell: We Need to Raise Taxes to Avoid State Furloughs. Suggests taxes on natural gas, cigars and smokeless tobacco. [Pittsburgh Tribune Review]