Latest Report: Donovan to the Raiders?

Plus: Philly's growing population and declining crime, an art-world defense of the Barnes move, and more of what you need to know this morning

Philadelphia: Not As Bad As You Might Expect. Crime down, population up, says a Pew study. [Business Journal]

ESPN: Raiders Now the “Clear Cut Favorite” To Get McNabb. So hard to keep up. [ESPNprofootballtalk]

Guy From the Northeast Threatens to Kill a Congressman. Sorry, that’s just not cool. [WHYY]

Arlen Holds A Laptop-gate Hearing. He was, tellingly, the only senator in attendance. []

Meanwhile, He Also Pulls Farther in Front of Toomey. Latest poll has him plus 7. [USAToday]

Why It’s Right to Move the Barnes. The editor ArtNet tears apart The Art of the Steal — and defends moving the collection to Center City. [ArtNet]

Big Daddy Graham Gets Standing O (But Also Loses Mother). From Dan Gross []