Pulse: The Brief: 1706 Rittenhouse

This month, tenants of the slender 31-floor luxury residence at 1706 Rittenhouse Square Street — the new, glittering $145 million love child of Parkway Corp.’s Joe Zuritsky and power developer Tom Scannapieco — will begin moving into their new home. It’s a mightily exclusive club: Nearly every floor has just one 4,000-square-foot residence, each worth $3.9 million (before upgrades). They’ll all enjoy a Philly first: an automated underground retractable-floor garage that parks and retrieves residents’ cars with the swipe of a card. Ah, to be rich and recession-proof.

$12.5 Million: Amount the two-story penthouse sold for — a Philly record.

Two balconies per unit, plus the finer things: soaking tubs, back-entry caterer’s door …
24-hour concierge and on-call massages.
360-degree views of the city.
Cool, futuristic parking garage.
Koi pond and garden.
40-foot lap pool. 

“He knows an awful lot about parking, and landscaping, and the koi. I enjoy our relationship.” — Tom Scannapieco
“I’d say what we have is pretty rare. He’s a talented guy, and we’ve worked out well together.” — Joe Zuritsky

“For a city with a population of 1.5 million, to add 31 units — I mean, this is one good step in the right direction,” says Econsult economist Kevin Gillen. “I think we should be asking ourselves why we’re not adding a lot more of these.”

“I’d say that fourth-floor guy is going to be happy when he moves in.”
— Receptionist at Lithe Method, the Fitness studio whose fourth-floor windows look into 1706.

100: Percentage of current buyers who also own a place at the Shore.