Pulse: Chatter: High Society: Brooke De La Villanova

Seems like everyone is talking about Ed Snider these days. Not only has the Comcast-Spectacor honcho been spied with former flame Roseanne Martin, but the business crowd’s speculating that Ed might be ready to sell his share of the Sixers. Edgar, grab the checkbook! … It’s a real estate tango these days on Delancey, and I am ready with a rose in my teeth! While PR glamour-puss Kelly Boyd and developer Dan Neducsin are pulling up stakes and heading to chichi new condos on the Square, interiors czarina Barbara Eberlein is moving her business to the storied street, closing up shop on Walnut to work out of her new home digs. … Popped into Whole Foods in Plymouth Meeting with our Basil (home from Colby) and spied Ryan Howard devouring a muffin. Dumplings, that’s my idea of spring training.