RESOLUTION 2010: New Clothes, New You

Fashion editor Carrie Denny shares her motivation for getting on top of her 2010 health and fitness goals. (Shocker: It has to do with shopping.)

So, if you’re like me — and every other human on the planet — you, right now, have vowed not to look (or at the very least, feel) less than attractive once spring, and spring’s revealing warm-weather fashion, comes knocking. You have vowed to make the gym a mandatory stop on your way home, come hell, high water or whatever else Cecily Tynan is threatening us with.

But for me, looking good in the lovely spring clothes in my future isn’t the only motivation — it’s the fun outfits I can justify buying right now, in order to kick start my transformation: Fitted, breathable fleeces for lapping the park, a stack of new sports tanks for my classes at Lithe. Because shopping is shopping and new clothes are new clothes, and if nothing else, with a batch of new sports gear in your closet, you’re hardly going to let that spent money go to waste, are you? Well, I know I’m not.

And so, I’m sharing with you some of my top picks for getting in gear this season. I hope you’ll join me!

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