Jennifer Carroll, I Dream About ..

Jennifer Carroll's favorite Philly dishes

Jennifer Carroll
Chef de Cuisine of 10 Arts Bistro & Lounge

Hummus at Zahav
"All the various kinds are so soft and rich and luxurious."
237 St. James Place, 215-625-8800

Pied de porc at Bibou
"The best comfort dish in the city; it is perfection."
1009 South 8th Street, 215-965-8290

The peanut butter cups, Oreos and vanilla ice-cream blend at Scoop -DeVille
"My secret obsession."
1734 Chestnut Street, 215-988-9992

Costillas de res (braised short ribs with sweet-potato/chipotle mash) at Xochitl
"This is even better when paired with the house-crafted michelada, a spicy tomato drink with beer."
408 South 2nd Street, 215-238-7280

Bo nuong la (grape leaves stuffed with grilled beef) at Vietnam
"I have been eating this for years. I never pass it up when I visit."
221 North 11th Street, 215-592-1163, and 816 South 47th Street, 215-729-0260

Lengua (tongue) tacos at Distrito
"Pardon the pun — they just melt in your mouth!"
3945 Chestnut Street, 215-222-1657

Whole roast chicken with onion grits at Mémé
"It’s a sentimental favorite, ‘cuz it’s made just like my dad’s."
2201 Spruce Street, 215-735-4900

Banger sandwich with homemade country sausage at Pub & Kitchen
"Every Sunday morning, I crave this sandwich. It’s the perfect hangover cure, when you need one."
1946 Lombard Street, 215-545-0350

Spinach gnocchi at Vetri
"They are simply to die for!"
1312 Spruce Street, 215-732-3478

Revuelto at Amada
"What can be better than the soft poached egg and wild mushrooms in this dish?
217 Chestnut Street, 215-625-2450