Pulse: Character: Allison Vulgamore

Age: “Ageless” (52 this month).

Known best as: The new CEO of the Philadelphia Orchestra, fresh from the Atlanta Symphony, where the trained soprano earned a national rep as a visionary leader.

Why it’s kismet: With no music director, no money and less-than-stellar ticket sales, our band needs a visionary. And Vulgamore is no stranger to Philly: She got her administrative start at our Orchestra 30 years ago.

On making new friends: She vows to find new “portals for experiencing the Orchestra” — like maybe working with the Fringe festival. (“What an opportunity for contemporary expression!”)

And keeping the old: Some audiences simply want “seclusion with themselves and the music. We’ll always give them that — you can’t experiment to the exclusion of the richness of that tradition. You experiment in addition to it.”

The desert-island pick: John Adams’s 2005 opera Doctor Atomic. “Beautiful work. It’s the story of Oppenheimer making the bomb and his personal struggles in creating such a destructive instrument for the world. … And also Jason Mraz.”