Exit Interview: Ivanka Trump

The newlywed Wharton grad talks Celebrity Apprentice and her debut book

What’s up with the mess in Atlantic City? Is the Trump name headed for extinction? Atlantic City is interesting because it’s a company that my father ran very successfully, but he hasn’t been involved in the management for a very long time. It’s disturbing for us when we see it go through these swings and we have nothing to do with it. We were making a bid to buy the company and restructure it and grow it, but we think at this juncture a settlement between all parties is the right outcome.

So what do you miss the most about Philly, besides the glamour and the 24-hour nightlife? You know, when I have days as hectic as I do now, I miss the student schedule. [laughs] Everyone complains about it when you’re in university, but man, was that an easy workload. To me, Philadelphia is one of the great cities, and it’s underrated, sadly. I think some of the best restaurants and the greatest museums are in Philly.

We wrote about you while you were at Wharton, and you described your life here as “hermetic.” Your friend Alexis Zimbalist called you “a Law & Order slut.” [laughs] That sounds about right. Not much has changed. Remind me not to ask Alexis to do another interview.