239 Best Dishes to Eat in Philly

From the sausage at Monk's that you can't not order (again) to the short-rib flatbread at Amada that became an instant classic, here are the restaurant dishes that define Philadelphia's food scene. (And not one of them is a cheesesteak or hoagie!)

Sausage pizza at Tacconelli’s — With every bite the perfect ratio of crust to sauce to cheese to sausage, you’ll stop briefly and wonder if some wise old employee is tasked strictly with topping placement. But then you’ll move on to more important things, like procuring another slice.
2604 East Somerset Street, 215-425-4983.

Sloppy Joe at Honey’s Sit-’N’-Eat — One bite of this messy-wich and you’ll feel 10 years old again.
800 North 4th Street, 215-925-1150.

Al pastor tacos at Los Taquitos de Puebla — Proof that a single dish can propel an unknown taqueria to Philly foodie fame. (You’ll also find these crispy pork and pineapple tacos at the Headhouse Square Farmers’ Market.)
1149 South Street, 215-334-0664.

Chana masala at Tiffin — You thought you could stop us with your slow, creeping spice. Did you forget about your hunks of bright tomato, your slices of sweet onion, or your army of chickpeas with their creamy, cooling insides?
Multiple locations.