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Mayor Michael Nutter's big screen cameo

Mayor Nutter’s cameo in the recent Jamie Foxx Philly-based action flick Law Abiding Citizen may have been small (five seconds), but it generated big reactions from movie-goers in and around the city. Here’s how the reviews—um, referendums?—played out, according to our investigating reporters.

Nutter’s reviews:

The Ritz East at 125 South 2nd: About half the people laughed, while the other half “hissed and booed”—loudly.

United Artists Riverview at Columbus and Reed: Nutter “stole the show”—there was an “enormous amount of laughter and applause. The crowd was genuinely loving it … no bad blood here.”

United Artists at Main and Ridge in Manayunk: Laughter, a smattering of claps, and, “after people realized who it was,” a few low boos scattered about.

The Pearl at Broad and Oxford:  The initial response “seemed to be amused surprise,” followed by murmurs and loud laughter. Whispers and giggles continued for a few minutes after the scene ended. 

The Bridge at 40th and Walnut: Gasps of recognition, then “friendly giggles, as if they saw a pal on-screen.”