ASK THE EXPERT: Getting That Glow

The skin care gurus of Rescue Rittenhouse Spa share insider tips to make you a beaming, beautiful bride

Question: I just got engaged and my wedding is about a year and a half away. I really want to get my problematic skin into shape by then — but when should I start with facials and everything? And how often do I need to get them between now and then?

Answer: Time is on your side, so get started as soon as possible. “A year and a half is a fantastic time to fix and stabilize the skin,” says Danuta Mieloch, skincare specialist and owner of Center City’s Rescue Rittenhouse Spa. Mieloch suggests scheduling two to three facial appointments close together to get your skin in shape. Then, depending on skin type, you should to keep up with treatments from once a month to once every two or three months.

What’s even more important than scheduling those professional treatments? Skin maintenance, which is all up to you. “Skin loves routine,” says Mieloch. “It’s very important to get on one — and to stay on it.” That means taking care of your skin at home daily is key.

And even after all this preparation, there’s still one more thing you can do right before the Big Day to get that extra glow: the bio-lift facial. “It’s what celebrities opt for before the big award shows,” says Mieloch. “It will rid you of those puffy eyes, lift and tighten skin, and leave you with that beautiful wedding glow.”