Domain: Before + After: Bath and Beyond

A master bathroom in Moorestown gets a room-to-breathe remodel


When Diana and Neal McGraw first called Moto DesignShop about renovating the master bath of their Moorestown, New Jersey, home, they were ready to get creative — and more than ready to get rid of their all-white-tile, his-and-hers bathroom. The space was divided into several little sections (there was even a toilet closet), but the couple craved something wide-open and well-lit. “They were interested in having a shower that wasn’t a separate room or enclosure. That let us be loose and free about how we defined ‘bathroom,’” says Moto co-owner Adam Montalbano. By pushing out a wall to gain extra wiggle room and using a design focused on light, perfect lines and carefully chosen materials, Moto created a room as happily utilitarian as it is worthy of a relaxing soak in the tub. Moto DesignShop, 205 North 3rd Street, 215-592-9300,