Philadelphia Home Fall/Winter 2009: Picture Perfect

A folk art collector and a landscape designer collaborate to create a Bucks County country home that’s as artful outside as it is in

When it came to pulling together the interior of his home near Ottsville, Larry Dumont’s passion for folk art, his New Orleans roots, and a self-diagnosed “antiques addiction” all informed his choices. But when it came to bringing out the natural beauty of the seven acres surrounding the 19th-century farmhouse he shares with partner Martin Gould, he needed help. Enter Hopewell-based Groundswell Design Group and landscape architect and designer David Fierabend, who was ready to tackle an untamed, topographically challenging property with drainage issues. Today, where there was once a swampy mess, there’s a reflecting pool where Larry loves to sit and read. A grape arbor and a mini apple orchard have been brought back to life. Misplaced plantings were relocated to allow them to thrive. Canopied ash trees, above, open the valley beyond for Larry and Martin’s viewing. And everywhere, spaces for art—new sculpture, antique scores, found objects, commissioned pieces made by Groundswell’s roster of artisans. “David has made us more aware of the possibilities of our property,” Larry says.