Beach Haven

Atop a dune overlooking the Delaware Bay, a beach house offers a gentle tutorial in updated seashore living long after summer is through

Oak-leaf hydrangea, wild blueberries, red cedar, Montauk daisies, sea oats, holly and driftwood surround the home of Patrick Bader and Patrick Logue. To an outsider, the coastal wildwood might seem a bit too untamed, too undeveloped. But to Logue and Bader, born-and-bred mainlanders who now live and work year-round on South Jersey’s cape, the scene is just right. House-hunting five years ago, the couple came across a FOR SALE sign atop a 25-foot-tall dune on the edge of Cape May. The location had the one thing they wanted most: “An unobstructed view of the westerly sunset over the Delaware Bay, which is something pretty rare along the East Coast,” says Logue. All that was missing: the house itself. Enter Nantucket architect Rex Ingram and Cape May builder Ross Denham, who created a modern upside-down dwelling to maximize the seascape surroundings, both inside and out.