ROUNDUP: Boudoir Photographers

We do some investigating on this gift-worthy trend

If you’ve ever seen an old photo of Marilyn Monroe (ahem, a size 14 in her heyday, we might add) and thought, "I wonder if I could do that?", then you’re in luck. Boudoir photography studios – these days, often blossoming out of wedding photo studios – have become a fun, empowering way to explore your inner pin-up and gift your new hubby with a fabulous wedding (or first anniversary!) present. After all, at what other time in your life will you probably be in better shape – or have such an armory of beautiful lingerie at your disposal – than during your wedding?

All the studios we talked to emphasize the importance of this being a "by women for women" operation; most forbid male visitors onset and limit female visitors to keep it a more intimate (and less intimidating!) one-on-one type of experience. Here, some of the experts we found in the region. So, pop some bubbly, swipe on some red lipstick and slip on your favorite heels: It’s time for your close-up.