EAT SMART: Size Matters — The Sad Truth About Servings

From mini to medium to bucket sized, find out how many servings you’re swirling away in each cup

Yes, it’s incredibly fun to swirl your own fro-yo and pick out toppings, crafting your frozen dessert exactly as you like it. But keep in mind that the cups and sizes offered at area joints carry anywhere from two to four or more servings of fro-yo — especially if yours towers above and beyond the confines of that little cardboard cup. And if you’re topping it with calorie-heavy desserts like cheesecake, brownies, granola, or whatever else your sweet tooth insists on, there’s a good chance the light and tasty treat you think of as fro-yo actually has the calorie equivalent of a Big Mac — or worse.

[sidebar]Check out the calorie stats on the sizes at your fave fro-yo spots before any add-ons, and remember to top and swirl wisely.

Small, 6 ounces: 131 calories
Large, 12 ounces: 262 calories

Note: Yogorino would not tell us the ounces in the mini or medium cup.

Sook Hee’s Produce
Small, 4 ounces: 100 calories
Large, 6 ounces: 150 calories

Palm Tree Market

Small, 8 ounces: 180 calories
Large 12 ounce: 270 calories

Small, 16 ounces: 280 calories for plain; 440 calories for flavored
Large, 32 ounces: 560 calories for plain; 880 calories for flavored

Sweet Ending
Small, 12 ounces: 300 calories for plain; 330 calories for flavored
Large, 16 ounces: 400 calories for plain; 440 calories for flavored

Marathon Grill
Small, 9 ounces: 247 calories
Large, 16 ounces: 440 calories