Pulse: Chatter: The Mayor: Double Duty

Watching Nutter’s back — and his diet.

When Broderick Mason (right), two-year bodyguard for Mayor Nutter and popular Andorra spin instructor, noticed that Hizzoner was a bit clueless on where to score healthy grab-and-go grub in the city, the 230-pound former boxer began gently making suggestions. “The Mayor runs hard all day,” says Mason. “He’s like a machine, and if you don’t put the best fuel in a vehicle, it’s gonna run out.” These days, Mason says, Nutter’s loving the oatmeal at Coventry Deli on Market (his standing order is the sugar-free with fresh bananas), and the team regularly hits up City View Pizza, where, Mason notes, “The turkey burgers are made with fresh turkey, not frozen patties.” Is the Mayor any svelter for the tips? Tough to say — unless maybe Mason can coax him out of a suit and into Spandex for a sunrise spin class? “He works out at a gym in Center City, but I’ve mentioned it to him,” says Mason.