Taste: Eat This Now: Chocolates

It’s one of those pleasantly unexpected tidbits to emerge from the sour saga that is our economy: High-end chocolate sales are up. We get it. A masterfully created piece of chocolate has always been an obtainable indulgence, and now it just tastes that much better. Lucky for us, this summer, two boutique chocolatiers are opening in the area. Center City’s new Max Brenner gives us our cocoa fix with themed cocktails, waffle fries dusted with cocoa powder, and fondues and candies. Then there’s former Le Bec-Fin chocolatier Antoine Amrani, whose chocolate factory in East Norriton fills pretty packages with these truly ­special treats. The quality ingredients and just-unique-enough combinations (think organic cinnamon honey) keep Amrani’s chocoholics addicted. His hazelnut praline alone is enough to get us to 2010. Max Brenner, 1500 Walnut Street, 215-344-8150, maxbrenner.com; Antoine Amrani Chocolates, 550 Foundry Road, East Norriton, 877-267-2644, antoineamrani.com