Swim Your Way Slim: Water Workouts That’ll Whip You Into Shape

The region’s 12 hottest classes that’ll keep you cool all summer long

It’s the age-old summer dilemma: The mercury’s climbed so high that the mere thought of raising your own body temperature with a workout is enough to make you crave water ice. But luckily, Philadelphia is packed with pool workouts — there’s even water yoga — that’ll help you stay cool. “The water’s resistance really works your muscles,” says Holly Waters, water aerobics instructor at Sweat Fitness. So whether you want to up your energy, tone up all over, or just lose that arm flab, we’ve got the refreshing summer class for you.

1. You want to:
Tone up all over
The water workout: H2tOne, Sweat Fitness
Why it works: This total body conditioning class combines cardio circuits from jumping jacks to jogging, with exercises like bicep curls and squats (underwater, of course) to target and tone different muscles while keeping your heart rate at its max.
Details: (60 min.) $15 /drop-in, $59-75/month; 1425 Arch St.; 215-564-0303; sweatfitness.com

2. You want to: Trim your tummy
The water workout: AquaMarine, 12th St. Gym
Why it works: A boot camp-like workout that uses the water to whip you into shape, this class focuses on increasing abdominal stability and aerobic endurance while toning various muscles. It’s tough, but you won’t be complaining when you have to put on your bikini or board shorts.
Details: (60 min.) $20 /drop-in, $35-45/month; 204 S. 12th St; 215-985-4092; 12streetgym.com

[sidebar]3. You want to: Lose the arm flab
The water workout: Aqua Motion, Sweat Fitness
Why it works: Less cardio-focused, this workout will strengthen and tone your shoulders, biceps, and triceps by channeling the water’s resistance with paddles, kickboards and noodles.
Details: (45 min.) $15 /drop-in, $59-75/month; 1425 Arch St.; 215-564-0303; sweatfitness.com

4. You want to: Shake it up
The water workout: Water Aerobics, FitLife
Why it works: Everyone needs to add a little excitement to their exercise routine once in a while. This aerobics class will really get you moving, using dance moves and water jogging to burn the last few winter pounds that may still be hanging on.
Details: (60 min.) $20/drop-in, $99/month; 7140 Germantown Ave., Mount Airy; 215-753-8898; fitlife.com