Pulse: At Your Service: So, You’ve Been Laid Off …

There are people in your corner. We’ve rounded up five local experts — all with awesome advice—to help you navigate those murky unemployment waters

The Résumé Writer
Your CV needs to stand out these days, and at Ambler-based Hanson Consulting, Kenny Hanson shapes your résumé with key words and design elements that make it float to the top. Jobs in human resources and executive recruiting have taught him what those making hiring decisions want to see; an hour – long conversation lets him ferret out skills and accomplishments you may have forgotten to include. The basic résumé takes about two hours to create, and rates start at $30 an hour (but he’ll negotiate with the unemployed). Hanson also helps with cover letters, thank – you notes and interview techniques. 215-206-9110, kennycareeradvice.blogspot.com.

The Financial Planner
According to Adam Sherman, a certified financial planner at Firstrust Financial Resources, you need to “get in touch with your finances and your expenses so you can get a better understanding and feel more secure.” That means simple stuff like reviewing your regular budget as well as more complicated tasks a planner can help with, like shifting your company 401K and maintaining insurance. You could even get good news, such as the Obama administration’s recent decisions to subsidize COBRA and help with mortgage payments. Firstrust
Financial Resources, 215-569-3110, ­firstrustfinancialresources.com.

The Menu Planner
If you’re used to takeout and restaurant dining, a lesson with a personal chef like Liz Solms can save you on food-related costs. Solms helps you plan a week’s worth of meals by taking you shopping at your local farmers’ markets and grocery store, then shows you how to cook it all in your kitchen. “I can even teach clients recipes that can be made in one big batch, then used throughout the week as different dishes,” she says. Two hundred bucks gets you one session—just enough to make you bravely toss those takeout menus. 267-455-1925, sweetpeanourishment.com.

The Life Coach

Whether you’re thinking career change or are terrified of interviews, Lori Mattison can guide you through it all. Mattison happens to be certified as both a therapist and an executive coach, and she focuses on the present — recognizing skills and achievements, building confidence, setting goals — instead of delving into your relationship with your mother. “It’s about how you’re dealing with the challenges and stress of being unemployed, and identifying coping mechanisms. I work from there and build, so clients are prepared to interview and feel confident,” Mattison says. Hey, you wouldn’t play the big game without cheerleaders, would you? Rates start at $170 an hour. Cherry Hill and Center City  offices, 215-872-8094, mattisonresources.com.

The Employment Lawyer

Before you scribble your panicky signature on a severance package ­contract, call an employment attorney like Sidney L. Gold, in Philadelphia. “In these times, employers are using layoff practices that they allege are because of finances to get rid of workers with disabilities, or those who are older or who they think are overpaid,” says Gold. He’ll help you try to negotiate a better package (and make sure you get everything that’s owed to you, like overtime pay and commissions) and even file a claim against your employer. Initial consult free. 215-569-1999, discrimlaw.net.