Arthur Kade Profile

The most despised man in cyberspace right now is from Philly. Should we be proud of him, or ashamed?

The appeal, though, is almost entirely perverse. In thousands of comments left on his site, he has been called a “fucking idiot,” “a raging lying homo,” “the biggest dick I have ever encountered,” “A NOBODY,” a “cocksucker,” and “the worst human being on the planet.” He’s been ridiculed for his lisp, his “crooked nose,” his “afro” that “looks like pubes,” and his bad skin. Many have wished misfortune on him — “arthur I hope you get the clap”; “Oh God, please die in a fire” — while others have threatened outright to “chop him up with an axe and shoot him into outer space.” “If I saw you on the street I’d kill you.” Some posts are startling for their vitriol: “Your mother should have saved her water and drowned you when she had the chance.” Not to be outdone: “You were the load that your mother should have swallowed.”

Perhaps most offensive of all, many commenters have found the whole thing so over the top — could a person really be this un-self-aware? — as to wonder whether Kade is promulgating a world-class hoax: “Is this website a joke? seriously? is it?” Replies another: “Well folks, it brings me great pleasure this morning to announce to you all that I have, at last, had my gruesome encounter with the douched-one. I decided to grab a bite at Cosi before my appointment last night, and as I sat outside about ready to leave, lo and behold Mr. Ass Licker himself strolled up to the door with his wittle baby backpack on, dressed in the same black v-neck shirt he was wearing in his haircut video. I almost shit myself, to say the least.”

And so the question: What the hell is Arthur Kadyshes up to?

ARTHUR KADE IS in the midst of an unprecedented drought — the first time since he was 19 that he’s gone two consecutive weeks without sex. It is not, he is careful to make clear, an issue of whether women want him. “Ninety-eight percent of this is self-inflicted,” he says, part of the seismic changes “The Journey” has brought about. Which shouldn’t imply that Arthur Kade’s gone celibate. Rather, his approach now is to hold out for “10s or very high 9s only” who are on board from the get-go for a night that begins and ends with sex.

I accompanied him and some of his friends on a jaunt through “the hottest, most exclusive clubs in Philadelphia” (his oxymoron, not mine) on a recent Thursday night. While socializing has always occupied a major part of his life, it’s become even more important recently, as Kade believes every interaction might advance “The Journey.” (It’s also, Kade says, good practice for acting, since “you can talk to five different girls in one night and be five different people.”) He points to a night a few months ago when, at the Center City club G Lounge, while sitting in the VIP area near actors Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler, who were in town filming a movie, he struck up a conversation with the wife of Gerard Butler’s acting coach, Aaron Speiser, which led to a conversation with Speiser himself. “And he was really impressed with me,” Kade says, adding that he hopes to head to L.A. in the next few weeks to begin lessons with Speiser.