Crozer’s Multi-Cycle IVF Packages

Crozer’s new “multi-cycle” IVF packages may save couples money and stress

For many couples, having a baby doesn’t come easy — and coming up with the cash for infertility treatments can be even harder. On average, a single cycle of in vitro fertilization (IVF) runs close to $9,000, and fertility medications add an additional $3,000 to $4,000. This leaves many couples grappling to foot the bill, and even those that do are often unable to afford a second attempt if they don’t get pregnant on the first try.


But the Reproductive Endocrinology and Fertility Center at Crozer—newly renamed HAN Fertility Clinic—has a way to make the process a little more affordable. “People will do anything to have a family, and it really hurts to see patients who can’t afford it,” says Albert El-Roeiy, MD, medical director, who realized his team could cut costs for patients by bundling services together and offering “multi-cycle” IVF packages. Now, couples can opt to pre-pay for two or three cycles at a time, which includes up to two frozen embryo transfers (FET) at no additional cost. “Often patients need to have two or three cycles before they get pregnant,” says Dr. El-Roeiy. “We’ve brought the cost of an IVF cycle down to almost to $5,000.”

However, there are some restrictions. Women must not have their 43rd birthday before starting the first cycle, couples must commit to using all cycles within the 12- to 16-month time frame, and fertility medications aren’t included in the package deal. Still, knowing you have three shots at success for $15,000 sounds a lot better than three rounds for $9,000 a pop — almost double the price.
Couples that wind up pregnant with a single cycle don’t receive a refund, but Dr. El-Roeiy finds the package allows many of his patients to shed one very large layer of stress during an already tumultuous time. “The beauty of these packages is peace of mind,” says Dr. El-Roeiy. “You know exactly what the price is and there are no expenses incurred a la carte.”

Two Cycles Global IVF Package and two frozen embryo transfer package, $12,500; Three cycles IVF Package and two frozen embryo transfer package, $15,000; For more information on Crozer’s multi-cycle IVF packages, visit