The Next Generation of Great Philadelphia Doctors: Continued

Anthony J. Mazzarelli, 34
Physician, attorney and bioethicist, Cooper
“Dr. Mazz,” who has his own show on The Big Talker 1210 AM, is medical director of the emergency department at Cooper. A booster for the city of Camden, he’s creating an Urban Health Program to find new ways to engage its residents in caring for their health.

Raina Merchant, 31
Emergency medicine, HUP
Conducting pioneering research on the uses of therapeutic hypothermia to preserve brain and organ function after resuscitation following cardiac arrest; also seeks to identify local communities that don’t have adequate defibrillators or CPR training to handle cardiac emergencies.

Nazanin Moghbeli, 34
Cardiologist, Pennsylvania
Founder of the Women’s Cardiovascular Center at Pennsylvania, she’s assembling a team of specialists to help women find solutions to their heart problems via nutrition, weight loss, medications and/or surgery. Evaluates and treats women with heart disease who want to become pregnant.

Yael P. Mossé, 37
Pediatric oncologist, CHOP
Studies neuroblastoma, a rare childhood disease of the nervous
system that’s the leading cause of childhood cancer death; has assembled the world’s largest database of genetic samples from neuroblastoma patients. Discovered a genetic cause for hereditary neuroblastoma.

Sameer Patel, 35
Plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Fox Chase
Studies surgical outcomes of head and neck cancer patients to find ways to maximize function and improve appearance; performs reconstructive microsurgery; reconstructs breasts, extremities and chest walls; reconstructs for melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers.

Emily Scattergood, 37
Pediatric radiologist, Cooper
Mother of two young children, and a breast cancer survivor, Scattergood focuses on limiting her small patients’ radiation exposure while producing the best possible diagnostic studies. Active in teaching and community outreach; shares her personal story to raise public cancer awareness.

Ashwini Sharan, 38
Neurosurgeon, Jefferson
Associate professor at Jefferson Medical College conducting studies of issues as diverse as genetic influences on epilepsy and the safety of MRI imaging for patients with implanted deep-brain stimulation systems.

Joseph L. Smith II, 38
Otolaryngologist, Brandywine
Head and neck surgeon whose research includes senior health and hearing loss, effects of herbal meds, facial nerve paralysis from gunshot wounds, and acid reflux disease.

David Sorrentino, 38
Neonatologist, St. Chris/Drexel
Investigates infant apnea; studies the physiologic, enzymatic and metabolic disturbance of brain-cell injury during oxygen deprivation as manifested in the blood and tissues of fetuses and newborns.

Stephen Trzeciak, 38
Critical-care and emergency medicine, Cooper
Director of clinical research for Cooper’s division of critical care medicine; studies infection and sepsis, septic shock, and post-cardiac-arrest treatment.

David Visco, 38
Internist and pulmonologist, Cancer Treatment
Critical-care and sleep medicine specialist whose research includes prevention of bacterial colonization on central venous catheters, and treatment of hospital-acquired pneumonia and severe sepsis.

Michael Weaver, 39
Neurosurgeon, Temple
Studies the virology and molecular basis of brain tumor development and growth; seeks to make brain tumor diagnosis less horrific by providing fast-track imaging, same-day tumor evaluation, and prompt decisions on surgical options, along with frank education on what the future holds.

Yu-Ning Wong, 35
Oncologist, Fox Chase
Specialist in genito-urinary cancers; studies cost-effectiveness of treatment outcomes. Her JAMA-published study suggests that surgery or radiation therapy for early-stage prostate cancers prolongs the lives of men ages 65 to 80; has also assessed the efficacy of “watchful waiting” for men with early prostate cancer.