Starr-Studded Updates

The Starr Restaurant Organization has decided to make a few updates to their more established restaurants, most revolving around booze. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) Morimoto is rolling out a new Happy Hour special they’re calling their Signature Hour, because from 5 to 7 on weekinights in their upstairs lounge you’ll get to sample all of the Iron Chef’s signature flavors at pretty good deals. The Morimoto Martini, for example, is $6 instead of $12 (Rogue beers, sake and other cocktails are also $6), and there’s a sampling of snacks that one could surely craft a meal from — like “angry” wings, kobe spring rolls, spicy salmon maki and desserts, all in the $5 to $7 range.

At Starr’s other Asian-leaning eatery, Pod in U-City, they’ve added new chromotherapy martinis with fruit-and-veggie-laced flavors: Red (lychee and peach), Green (honeydew and lime), Yellow (passion fruit, grapefruit and yuzu), Orange (ginger and carrot juice), and Blue (plum and blueberries). They also have Shochu, a “Japanese spirit that falls somewhere between vodka and sake in flavor.” You can have it warm or cold. There are some new menu items too (big news in a family of restaurants that don’t often change their menus), including some new dim sum additions like a pork cutlet sandwich with steamed buns, crispy chicken wings, Thai steamed mussels, and some new desserts. (My headline doesn’t lie, by the way: I saw Henry Winkler there once.)

Lastly (for now!) the Continental Midtown is dealing with this crummy economy by living large: Now, favorite drinks like the Buzz Aldrin, Smarty Pants, and Pomegranate Daiquiris can be purchased, for $45 to $65, in oversized 60-ounce shakers. We love the buy-by-the-pitcher concept and can’t wait to see what 60 ounces of orange Tang does to our mouth. Enjoy!