Talk To Us: How Are You Saving?

The recession has every bride taking a second look at her budget. Tell us how you’re cutting back — and find out one savvy way you can save thousands

In these not-so-fabulous economic times, brides are definitely looking for ways to save a little where they can on the details for their Big Day. Kathleen Kelly, director of marketing for the Ballroom at the Ben in Center City, is seeing a rapid increase in Friday-night bookings — which can literally cost thousands less than the more traditional Saturday reception: “There’s a drastic change in pricing,” she says. “During the prime months, Saturday prices may be around $160/$165 per person. You’re probably talking more around $130 per person on Fridays.”

So we want to know — would you consider a Friday night for your wedding, instead of a Saturday? What other ways are you finding to trim a little cash from your total budget? Tell us your ideas below!