Local Spotlight: Ellen Himic Designs, LLC

Long gone are the days when stringing some beads on a piece of string qualifies as designing jewelry — and we, frankly, couldn’t be happier. Case in point: Old City-resident Ellen Himic spent years honing her engineering skills (like creating a successful “snap fit” mechanism, during her years at the Tyler School of Art) and learning the latest technologies, such as creating radial repetition using computer-aided design (in English: using a computer to help draw a design, where all points extend from the same point, and then create its prototype), to create beautiful baubles out of metal and stone. While her techniques sound complex, the results are simply gorgeous — extravagant rings, elegant earrings and jeweled necklaces that instantly add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any ensemble.

Himic’s decade of design experience shines through on every piece, just as brightly as the glimmering gems she uses. Her fusion of experience and innovative technique are not the only parts of her design equation, though — she also calls upon her love for intricate architecture as the inspiration for all of her pieces. The exquisite detail work seen in her jewelry mirrors different elements of breathtaking buildings, whether it be ornate Grecian columns or the dramatic arched ceilings of Italian cathedrals (click through your favorite pieces on her website, ellenhimic.com/eth, to check out the individual inspiration for each!). Find these treasures at Marchi on Jeweler’s Row, and look for them to land in Metalworks Contemporary Jewelry on South Street and Langman Gallery in Willow Grove, come spring.