Brunch Favorites: We’ll Tell You Ours If You Tell Us Yours

Philadelphia may not be nearly the brunch town that New York is, but we do have some great places to spend your Sunday morning. The problem I’ve found, though, is this: You either shell out a couple of Benjamins for the hotel dining fancy places, wait and wait and wait for a table at Sabrina’s or Morning Glory, or give up and head to a diner or Marathon Grill. (Which, after some particularly brutal Saturday nights, is exactly what we want on Sunday morning.)

Recently for brunch I tried Cochon, the French BYO in Queen Village, and had one of those internal-argument moments: Do I tell Philly Mag readers about this treasure, or keep it all to myself so I can continue to stroll in at will?

The menu is simple and first-rate: Niçoise-style grilled tuna salad is a great deal for $12, thick-cut and not-too-gooey French toast satisfies bigger appetites for $9, and two fresh eggs cooked any style with Philly Mag favorite Nueske’s bacon is a perfectly portioned steal at $8.

The only problem? Brunch here is from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Perfect for late sleepers like myself, but people who have kids or are early-morning risers might already be onto lunch by the time it opens. But I’ve never had to wait for a table yet. (See our dining listings for more info about Cochon.)

Anyway, we are working on a brunch guide for the magazine and want to know what your favorite places are — and what your tricks are for making the wait less painful. Spill the details in the comments below or e-mail me and I’ll report back soon with the findings.