Taste: Dining Out: Dinner With … Restaurateur Jonathan Myerow

Talking food with restaurateur Jonathan Myerow, of Tria

My start in restaurants
I started in 1985 as a bus person, the day before receiving my degree in Russian language and philosophy. My parents were so proud.

Fondest food memory
Back in 2002, I had dinner at a friend’s house. It was deliciously simple — Belgian ale, cheese, bread and fruit. After drinking way too much, I stumbled upon the idea for Tria.

Most embarrassing food love  
Wawa hoagies — and pretty much anything Wawa.

Best meal ever 
At Todd English’s original, diminutive Olives, in Boston — when he was a cook, not a celebrity. I had roast chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans. A simple dish had become sublime.

Best beer ever
Allagash Interlude from Portland, Maine. Costly and rare, but an action movie in your mouth.

Best thing about owning a restaurant in Philly
Witnessing Philly’s evolution as a serious food town.

Worst thing about owning a restaurant in Philly
How difficult it is to conduct business with the city. I am optimistic that Mayor Nutter will make things right.

Best story about owning a restaurant in Philly
A couple had sex in a tiny Tria restroom and pulled the sink right off the wall. The couple left a comment card expressing both thanks and apologies. Very satisfied customers.