Critic’s Notebook: Second Bite: Ekta

This Indian cuisine restaurant gets a second shot.

Dear Ekta,

Back in August, when I first sampled the Indian fare at your Girard storefront, I unfairly held your lack of a dining room against you. I compared you to Tiffin, and found the later far superior. But I have had a change of heart. This weekend, your creamy and spicy navratna curry — with its crisp, tender vegetables and paneer — edged out a similar dish that used to be my favorite at Tiffin. And your lamb korma? I thoroughly enjoyed those tender pieces of meat enrobed in a cashew-rich, subtly spiced sauce. But what really won me over was your delivery area. For years I’ve been waiting for the news that Tiffin had finally begun delivery to my part of the city. But when I called and asked if you delivered to South Philly, you didn’t even hesitate. And though you got lost and took about an hour to get me my order, when I opened the containers everything was still hot. From now on, Ekta, I only have eyes for you.

Joy Manning