Web Original: Critic’s Notebook: Turkish Delight

Coffee became a nonnegotiable part of my morning routine when I was in fourth grade. I am a former Starbuck’s barista and reformed addict who once drank 10 cups of joe everyday. (Now, I allow myself up to two.) I love coffee in all its forms and flavors, from bitter espresso to whipped-cream topped frappuccino, but my favorite brew of all is Turkish coffee. Served in a demitasse like espresso, Turkish coffee is made from an extra fine grind of coffee beans. The brew is not filtered, which gives the coffee its characteristic bold flavor. It also leaves a layer of grinds on the bottom of your cup. You don’t want to drink these, but some Turkish coffee enthusiasts believe you can use them for fortune telling. You can find the bold brew here in Philly at Kanella, Zahav, Divan, Cafe Fulya and Konak.