Web Original: A Better Turkey Burger

An end-of-summer cookout calls for burgers. Every year, it seems, I try out a new turkey burger for my brother-in-law, who doesn’t eat red meat. I’ve written here about my turkey burger troubles before. So earlier this summer, when Oprah Winfrey raved about a new turkey burger recipe on her show, I took notice. This burger relies on a generous amount of finely diced apple to keep it nice and juicy. Well, I tried the recipe over Labor Day weekend, and, as promised, these burgers are moist and delicious.

Two tips if you make these: Halve the recipe. (Eight-ounce patties are too big. I made mine four ounces each and ended up with 21 burgers). Use your food processor’s grating disk on the apple. (It takes just minutes, and the shreds incorporate better into the meat mixture).

Whip up a batch before cookout season passes you by.