Web Original: Critic’s Notebook: Roll With It

Joy Manning on lobster rolls at Legal Sea Foods, London Grill, and Gayle.

Lobster rolls are a summer staple in New England, where the luxury crustaceans were once so abundant they were considered a food of the poor. At its best, the lobster sandwich is simple: succulent, sweet hunks of lobster meat tossed with a bit of mayo and stuffed inside a toasted top-split hotdog bun. Down here in Philly, we may be geographically removed from the lobster roll’s home turf on the Maine coastline, but as a city of sandwich lovers, we devour our fair share of these tasty sandwiches. Legal Sea Foods in King of Prussia and London Grill both serve good classic versions, but Gayle’s deconstructed and lavender-scented iteration is also not to be missed.