Web Original: Shore Bets

Avalon boutique Pale Moon Boutique has amazing stock, and amazing deals.

When I think of the shore points south of Ocean City, I mainly think of Sea Isle and rowdy bars. It never crossed my mind that if you go even farther south — to Avalon — there’s actually some decent shopping. My most recent find is Pale Moon Boutique.

The store, which opened five years ago, catering to the summer-local crowd, is very picturesque and charming, with a small-town vibe. If that and the friendly staff don’t draw you in, the clothes definitely will. With a truly impressive variety of brands to choose from, I feel less like I’m shopping at the shore and more like I’m in a very of-the-moment boutique in the city. Their denim section is pretty extensive, including Joe’s, Lucky Brand, Hudson and Earnest Sewn. The best part? Free alterations on any denim purchase.

Once I finished perusing the denim section, I told myself I was done shopping. But I was wrong. I ended up with several tops from Dream Society and some Lollia bath products. Too bad my summer has come to an end with this shopping trip. If I’d been able to stay a little longer, I would have caught the End-of-Summer Sale, starting the third week of August, with items 30- to 50-percent off. For those of you whose summer is still going strong, I recommend coming here for the “it” item of the summer — a maxi dress by Lucky. Hurry, though; the store closes for the season on Labor Day!