Covet: Forest Green

Iannone Design debuts an earthy-chic console

THE LATEST OBJECT of our autumnal affection? This cork mosaic sideboard from eco-modern furniture maker Michael Iannone. The cabinet’s facade depicts a pale, abstract patch of forest where a fawn, a rabbit and a woodpecker linger in elm and birch trees. Philadelphia-based Iannone gleaned inspiration from nature — and from myriad new organically textured, subtly colored patterns of manufactured cork. In Michael we trust: Last year, his graphic dandelion console made of Kirei, glossy white laminate and FSC-certified maple became the instant (if unofficial) darling of the green-obsessed contemporary design world.  Scenic cork sideboard, $3,400 at Iannone Design, 162 West Lehigh Avenue, 856-889-7307,