Web Original: Shelter Shop Closing Sale

Chaise + Corbel is a boutique in Old City, Philadelphia.

In the "sorry to see them go, but don’t mind if I help myself to the closing sale" discount category: Old City’s ever-sweet Chaise + Corbel will close its darling doors as fall alights. Bobbi Adair’s twee, boudoir-esque shop, with its dangling crystal lamps and softly pinched Fish Dish pottery and romantic Belle Notte bed linens, is offering a whopping 40-percent off absolutely everything in the moving-on store (some furniture is already marked 60-percent off). So, as we snatch up elegant cloth cocktail napkins, tiny silver spoons, weathered-paint wooden frames and vintage-y metal flower sconces, we’ll enjoy the markdowns. And yet, even as we delight in our scores, we will certainly be wishing the shelter boutique weren’t leaving so soon.

Sale through August 31.