Hotel Happenings

Philly's hottest new hotels.

It’s not looking like the fabled W Hotel is actually — like, ever — going to open in Center City. Ground hasn’t been broken and phone calls are not being returned. (All this hush-hush drama reminds me of another W, no?) And here at 1818 Market Street, the Good Life style team is coming to terms with the fact that we won’t ever get a Bliss Spa — they come in many Ws — or their ouch-less, razor-burn-less bikini waxes.

But, there has been some actual exciting hotel news and it does include a W. Sorta.

Next week, August 8th, marks the official opening of Aloft, Starwood’s budget-friendly, very Euro-like hotel concept at Philadelphia International, shown. In true Starwood fashion, it’s sleek and sophisticated, has an indoor pool, and is pet-friendly. (Oh yeah, and they’ll wash your car, too.) Splurge for the high-end rooms — they are still less than $200 a night. We’ll keep you updated on more Aloft area openings.

Back in Center City, where people you know might actually want to stay (no offense Philly International), The Independent is a new 24-room spot that calls itself a boutique hotel, which opened in the Gayborhood about a month ago. It’s got a huge mural by local artist Kim Senior that’s very cool, has updated rooms (plasma, fancy bedding), and serves breakfast — making it more of a really hip B&B than a boutique hotel in our minds. Which isn’t a bad thing. Rooms start at $129.