Good Life Daily: Wedding-worthy Barrettes

I’ve bought my fair share of barrettes and ponytail holders at CVS. But when you’re planning to clip back your hair for the wedding of someone who writes a style blog (ahem, see Thursday), Goody just won’t cut it. So I picked up a sweet Tige Boule (apparently French for “good barrette for girls with extremely fine hair”) by France Luxe for the occasion (this Saturday). I love the pretty pattern and the classic feel. Did I mention it’s from France? While I’m sure my hair won’t be at the top of her mind, I know the bride would be pleased if she knew.

Oh, I bought my barrette at Tselaine (1927 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, 215-301-4752) where the jewelry, clutches and fun little hair things will make you want to get all dolled up for a no-particular-reason night out.