Pulse: Chatter: Brooke de la Villanova: High Society

A roundup of local celeb spotting and news.

The annual Ball on the Square is ostensibly about the flora, fauna and general folderol of the Rittenhouse set, but this year seemed more like a casting call for a cougar version of Where the Boys Are. Forget the surgeon general’s warnings, dumplings: The theme was Show Your Tan, as every woman looked like she’d come straight from Margate. Among the cocoa-buttery crowd was Andrea Perrier, who chatted up an equally caramel-colored Judy Dilsheimer (in sexy Marc Jacobs); Sharon Pinkenson, air-kissing through the throng, as always; and Friends doyenne Wendy Rosen, in drop-dead-gorgeous red and all schmoozy with Fairmount Park honchos Mark Focht and Kate Wilhelm. … Our other big social stop was the Great Chefs Event at don’t-even-try-getting-in-here Osteria, which benefited Alex’s Lemonade. Forget the food; pass the eye candy! Marc Vetri and Jeff Michaud were dreamy, but the longest line was for Tom Colicchio of Craft fame, whose good looks were even more delish than his pork shoulder! … Is actor Terrence Howard’s under-construction mansion (four years and counting) swallowing Lafayette Hill? Neighbors are clucking: Is he trying to woo back his last-we-heard-estranged wife, Lori McCommas (they divorced in 2003, then remarried in 2005) — or trying to spend all the marital assets before she does?