Honeymoon: Travel Style: Jet-Setter Chic

Get out and explore your honeymoon destination in easy, breezy, totally un-touristy style

Tano Debbie Metal bag in Tobacco, $195 at Leehe Fai, Philadelphia.

Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses, $276 at Pileggi Boutique, Philadelphia.

By Boe wire leaf earrings, $65 at Leehe Fai.

Trina Turk Trophy cardigan in Avocado, $198 at Leehe Fai.

Tortoiseshell bangles, $32 for a stack of six at Lexy Q Limited, Newtown.

LoriBlu gold sandals, $456 at Head Start Shoes, Philadelphia.

Love Life by Felice Pappas Kelly dress, $168 at Leehe Fai.