How to Have Fun

War. Recession. Four-dollar-a-gallon gas. And four whole months until the election. We’re not suggesting anybody fiddle while Rome burns. But, damn, you deserve a little fun. Remember laughing till it hurt? Here are 49 ways to get back to that place, just when you need it most

44. Eat at an outdoor cafe.

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45. Neck at a drive-in movie.

No tongues. Delsea Drive-In, 2203 South Delsea Drive, Vineland, 856-696-0011, Shankweiler’s, 4540 Shankweiler Road, Orefield, 610-481-0800,

46. See foreign lands.

With no jet-lag! Festival of India, August 16th, Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing, (free). ­Polish-American ­Festival, August 30th-­September 1st and September 6th-7th, Our Lady of Czestochowa, 654 Ferry Road, Doylestown, 215-345-0600, ($9). Vendemmia (Italian) Wine Festival, September 28th, Vendemmia Square, 20th Street and Pattison Avenue, 215-551-3859, ($40).

47. Chinese fire drill!

Just as giddy as when you were 16. Be sure to choose a long light, though, because — well, you’re not 16 anymore. Where not to switch seats: on Roosevelt Boulevard (they drive ­crazy!) or within eyeshot of a cop. Duh.

48. Fun Philadelphians 

49. Fun Philly Moments