Taste: Eat This Now: Your Vegetables

Mitch Prensky of South Street’s Supper restaurant was once asked to cater a seven-course dinner consisting entirely of vegetables. It’s an understandable request, even from a non-vegetarian: With restaurants boasting about their fresh, high-quality ingredients, we’re no longer content to have veggies banished to cheese-drenched sides.

You’ll see Prensky’s less-is-more vegetable philosophy in this warm salad for which the components — gently sautéed beets, peeled asparagus spears, roasted cauliflower — are prepared individually, then married with a sweet curry-ginger dressing and mild house-made farmer’s cheese. At Villanova’s new Maia, painstakingly prepped crispy baby artichokes are accompanied by flatbread, and North Broad’s Osteria tempts with a vegetable-only antipasto plate heaped with grilled eggplant and roasted porcini and squash.