Health: Running Relief

For Philly runners, there are plenty of options when it comes to sneaks that'll safeguard those knees

If clothes make the man, the shoe definitely makes the runner. And with all the great races coming through town this season — the Father’s Day Prostate Run/Walk on June 15, the ambitious 13-mile ING Philadelphia Distance Run on September 21 and the three-day, 60-mile Breast Cancer Walk in October — don’t hit the pavement with those 5-year-old Newbalances tied to your feet.

Doing so puts you at risk for all kinds of painful problems, including shin splints and aching ankles and knees. A good running shoe will provide ample arch support and absorb most of the shock produced by your body weight, reducing the risk of injury.

“We want to make sure people are in the right shoe so they don’t get hurt,” says Bryan Mahon, owner of Philadelphia Runner in Center City, a company known for finding the best shoe for your foot. Employees are trained to look out for flat feet and high arches, and will even slap you on a treadmill with the new sneaks before you buy to check out your posture, how the foot rolls from behind and lots of other scientific things that will ensure your sneaks fit better than ever.

With all this help finding new kicks, you wont have to worry about your old shoes — or your knees — quitting on the first mile.