Taste: Give the World A Black Sesame Smoothie

Defeat nonalcoholic beverage boredom at Rising Tide, the new Hong Kong-style spot in Chinatown. Here, juicy aloe vera slices jazz up cocktails in flavors like green apple or red grapefruit. Translucent baby coconut quivers in luscious lychee nectar. Agar jellies swirl like confetti in sweet, yogurty soda. Creamy fruit-flavored bubble teas come with heaps of glossy black tapioca pearls. They’re all served with giant straws, and you can’t help smiling with every squishy slurp. Try a tangy ­kumquat-lime nectar, or a nutritious green barley milkshake. (Strictly literal, these are shaken milky drinks, without ice cream.) Savor Hong Kong’s multi-­cultural heritage in hot drinks — fiery ginger black milk tea, and a quirky ­coffee/tea mixture. Save room for dessert. The bittersweet green tea and sugar-cookie-like taro smoothies are creamy and delicious. But the star is the black sesame smoothie, fluffy, nutty and addictive. 

>> Rising Tide, 937-939 Race Street; 215-925-0266.